UK Shoppers Prefer Online Shopping to In-Store

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A study conducted by Nunwood showed that UK shoppers prefer online shopping to in-store.  The study, the 2012 UK Customer experience excellence program, ranked the top 100 brands in the UK based on the customer experience they provide.

Here are some of the results:

  • supermarket customers give the online experience better scores by an average of 3.9%
  • non-food retail customers give the online experience on average a 5% higher than in-store

One brand, the Waitrose, in fact, had a 6.5% higher online customer experience. Craig Ryder, a director at the report’s authors Nunwood cited the following reasons for the online preference of customers:

  • customers value their time and effort – if a brand values the same and shows it to the customer, they get the appreciation back
  • online shopping is a much more controlled environment – vendors can plan out delivery time and supply better compared to in-store where external factors are more unpredictable

But Ryder recommends to have a balance between the online and in-store experiences. I believe, so, too. After all, it’s about brand’s consistent service that is important.

The UK Customer Experience Excellence report is based on more than 40,000 individual experiences from around 7500 individuals. Each experience is analysed by Nunwood and used to rank it against a series of six pillars of experience delivery. These pillars are the distinctive characteristics of leading firms and have been distilled from a database of over 600,000 evaluations across 550 brands and.

Sample sizes:
Overall report – 7000 people, 44,069 individual experiences
Supermarkets – 18,062 individual experiences
Non-food retail – 44,069 individual experiences
Top 10 brands in the UK as ranked by the quality of customer experience:

Top 10 brands in the UK as ranked by the quality of customer experience:

  1. Amazon
  2. John-Lewis
  3. Lush
  4. First Direct
  5. Ocado
  6. M&S Food
  7. The Co-Operative Bank
  8. Green Flag
  9. Waitrose
  10. Virgin Atlantic

In any case, this is now a case of man versus machine. Would you rather interact with your PC or with a real salesperson? :-D