The CustServ Roundup

CustServ roundup

Here’s another hot serving of CustServ roundup. Read and learn about customer service and customer experiences. :)

Let’s start with a frequent traveler’s story. Ben Stein gives American Airlines straight A’s. According to Stein, AA gives each passenger dignity and some worth of personality. Find out more.

Ron Schenone shares a story about electronic retailers seemingly giving its customers the run-around. Sale items are said to be sold out but when a customer purchases more items, the sale item suddenly resurfaces. Read on…

John Gaffney writing for econsultancy blog shares how Verizon tops JD Power’s survey of online services. Verizon leads as being the best service in terms of coordination, customer knowledge, communication, content, and billing. Read on…

Daniel Markham of What to Fix talks about his experience with different technology companies and how customers become captured consumers despite lousy service. Read on… turns one and Starbucks devotees found a place to mingle and interact, and help Starbucks shape its future. If you have an idea, which you think can help Starbucks improve its customer service experience, go visit the site. Read on…

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