The CustServ Roundup

CustServ roundup

Here’s another hot serving of CustServ roundup. Read and learn about customer service and customer experiences. :)

Volker’s Blurb shares a good customer service story about Lombok. They brought in their Lombok sideboard for exchange as it had a big crack in the top piece. The company exchanged it quickly and without asking too many questions. “Their customer service is just great. So is their furniture. Nice to see that companies don’t cut down on customer service.”

Buzz Machine was saying something about deceny as the new ad. “For I’ve also been saying that the internet enables direct relationships among companies and customers: Your product is your ad and customer your ad agency. That’s the ideal.”

Over at Milne Media, a customer service story tells us the reason for a customer to switch services: the customer looks for a good service all the time. Read on…

On the Inside Zappos blog, two sisters got zapponized. The sisters had trouble finding shoes that fit them, and only at Zappos did they find the shoes that fit. Read on…

Marketing Pilgrim tells us that people or your employees are the best source of trusted company information. Not your website or any other marketing paraphernalia. Your internal customers is the new brand. Read on…

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