Some Points to Consider When Getting the Voice of the Customer

I stumbled upon this interesting article on Harvard Business Review blog about conducting a quantitative against a qualitative study on customer behavior.

Quantitative customer analysis with a large statistically significant sample and multiple choice questions that enable quantitative analysis of the answers is deemed ‘rigorous’. Qualitative customer research that uses small samples and conversational and/or observational approaches is considered by many to be lax and/or shoddy — and certainly unscientific.

The former represents an interesting definition of rigor. It is rigorous from a numerical statistical perspective. But note what we have to give up in order to acquire this ‘rigor’. It means that our words have to be used, not the respondents’ words.

What I understand from the article is that with a qualitative research, we can use data from the customers and use some tools to interpret and understand those data.

Which kind of research did you use?

Read the article: The Secret to Meaningful Customer Relationships

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