Good Marketing is Good Customer Service

I believe that good customer service starts with good marketing, that is honest-to-goodness marketing. I also believe that good customer relationships start with good marketing. The relationship that is formed when marketing and customer service meet is like saying that you’re making good on your promises.

So, last Friday, I went to the launching of The MarketingRx for Entrepreneurs. It was a simple yet fun launching—a just right experience! The father and son team was engaging speakers, too. :)

Both emphasized the importance of a family support in any endeavor. Each of them attribute to their family members the success that they have been getting. Added to the ingredient are their friends.

Which led me to conclude that the principle of marketing is like charity. It starts from the home, and spreads to friends and then to the community.

Ardy Norberto

TheMarketingRx Launch

Dr. Ned Roberto

TheMarketingRx Launch

Their every-Friday column in Philippine Daily Inquirer is now made into a book, but the column continues.